Thursday 26 May 2022
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Aditi Singh believes Priyanka Vadra can be defeated from Raebareli

Responding to Aditi Singh, whose father held the constituency for five terms, the INC said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra would win hands down

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will win hands down if she decides to contest elections 2022 from Raebareli (Sadar), Uttar Pradesh Congress said on Sunday in response to former MLA Aditi Singh’s challenge to the grand old party’s state in-charge.

In an interview, Aditi Singh, who switched over from the Indian National Congress (INC) to the last year, had said that Raebareli is not a INC bastion anymore and had challenged Priyanka Gandhi to contest the upcoming elections from the constituency.

The Raebareli assembly seat is part of the Raebareli Lok Sabha constituency which is represented by INC president Sonia Gandhi. Aditi Singh’s father Akhilesh Kumar Singh, who passed away in 2019, had held the Assembly seat for five terms both as an Independent and as a INC candidate.

“Raebareli is like a home for the Gandhi and the people of Raebareli are like their family members. Each and every family of Raebareli is connected with the Gandhi family emotionally, not just politically. Priyanka ji has always taken the command of Sonia ji’s in her hand, and she (Sonia) has always won,” Congress spokesperson Anshu Awasthi said.

“So if Priyanka ji decides to contest from Raebareli, you can very well understand that she will win hands down. No matter what anyone says, the Gandhi and Raebareli are one big family and no one can come in between them,” Awasthi said.

In her interview, Aditi Singh, too, had drawn an emotional connect between herself and voters in Raebareli, from where she is contesting on a  ticket this time.

“After my father passed away, the people of Raebareli stood by me like a family. As far as the elections are concerned… my father had won this seat numerous times, be it as a Congress MLA or as an Independent, solely because of the work he did for the people of Raebareli. The legacy carries on and I am doing whatever I can in my capacity,” she said.

Singh expressed confidence that she would deliver maiden Raebareli win for the this time. “This time the Lotus will bloom for the first time in Raebareli (Sadar) seat. New history will be written for the BJP in Raebareli on 10 March and I am very excited to represent the BJP.”

Not just Raebareli, Aditi Singh said the INC had lost popular support in Amethi as well. Rahul Gandhi was defeated in the stronghold seat of Amethi by leader Smriti Irani in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“I don’t know why they took Raebareli and Amethi people for granted. The people of Raebareli and Amethi have been more forgiving than people anywhere else. These places were once called bastions and people voted for them no matter what, but the Congress people simply don’t bother about the people of Raebareli and Amethi,” Singh said.

will vote in seven phases from 10 February to 7 March. The counting of votes will be held on 10 March.

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