Adhir attacks govt, Mamata ‘stunned’, Surjya for all-party talks on Kashmir

Training guns on the Narendra Modi government, the Congress MP from Berhampore said, 'The Centre was busy extending hospitality to EU parliamentarians. The terrorists are busy proving their presence. And ordinary people are paying with their lives in Kashmir!'

Congress MP from Berhampore Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has condemned the ISIS-style killing of innocent workers from West Bengal in Kashmir. Terrorists shot dead migrant workers from Murshidabad in West Bengal at Kulgam of the Pulwama district in south Kashmir on Tuesday. The militants fired queued up the labourers in a row, ISIS-style, and opened fire at them. They died on the spot.

Another worker from Murshidabad was attacked at his rented house and shot in the leg. He was operated upon and the bullet extracted in a hospital in the vicinity. His life is out of danger medically.

Adhir Chowdhury said, “Kashmir has witnessed a very hateful and horrific murder today. Terrorists attacked savagely, took away the lives of five poor people. They are all people from my district Murshidabad.”

The Berhampore MP did not miss the opportunity to attack the Narendra Modi government, with the Kashmir incident as a ruse. Adhir Chowdhury said, “Believing in the words of the government of India, they went to Kashmir for livelihood. Today, they died. I’m very sorry.” Chowdhury demanded punishment for the terrorists.

Adhir Ranjan met with the families of the deceased at 7.30 AM on Wednesday. He assured the families of the help they needed.

Training guns on the Modi government, Adhir Chowdhury said, “The Centre was busy extending hospitality to EU parliamentarians. The terrorists are busy proving their presence. And ordinary people are paying with their lives in Kashmir!”

In Kashmir, terrorists are now targeting non-Kashmiri workers. Over the past two weeks, truck drivers from other states have been killed. An apple trader from Punjab has been killed in a terrorist attack in Kashmir, too. Another apple trader from that state was admitted to hospital in a critical condition.

However, the killing of workers from Murshidabad’s Sagardighi after queueing them up in a row is unprecedented in the recent years of militancy in the region. This method of ‘execution’ was commonplace in Punjab in the 1980s when Hindu passengers from buses used to be singled out, dragged down and fired at. In October 1983, Sikh militants stopped a bus and shot six Hindu passengers. On the same day, in another location, a group of terrorists killed two officials in an attack on a train. Trains were attacked and people were shot at after being pulled from buses. Such targeted massacres happened in Kashmir on 25 January 1998 in Wandhama when 23 Pandits were eliminated in cold blood; the victims included four children and nine women. Two years later, 35 villagers of the Sikh faith were killed by terrorists on 20 March 2000 in the in Chittisinghpora village of Anantnag district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Since the abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir, this has been the biggest terrorist attack. Two days later, Jammu and Kashmir will become a union territory. The attack happened before that.

According to sources, the names of the five workers were Sheikh Kamaruddin, Sheikh Mohammed Rafiq, Sheikh Mursalin, Sheikh Nizam and Din Mohammad Rafique Sheikh. The injured worker is Zahurul Sheikh. They all hailed from Sheikh Para in the Brahmani village of Sagardighi of the Murshidabad district. They were in Kashmir in the hope of earning a living.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is ‘shocked’ at this incident in Kashmir. She said she was mourning deeply. She tweeted:

CPI(M) leader Surjya Kanta Mishra condemned the murder of Bengalis in Kashmir. On Twitter, Mishra wrote that the five people who were murdered were people of Bengal. The communist leader proposed to send a delegation comprising state ministers and all-party legislators to discuss the issue with the Centre and the Kashmir administration.

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