Tuesday 28 June 2022
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ADGP Manipur, suffering from depression, attempts suicide, survives

Imphal: Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Manipur Arvind Kumar today shot himself this afternoon at his office chamber located inside the 1st Manipur Battalion campus, Imphal, sources said. They told Sirf News that timely medical help saved his life as the bullet scraped through his temple without penetrating the brain. As some police personnel were at the place of the ADGP for a meeting, they rushed on hearing the gunshot, broke into his room that had been latched from inside and rushed him to a hospital nearby.

The ADGP had reportedly shot himself with his service pistol around 1:30 PM. The bullet that had entered from under his chin exited on the left temple. “Jaako raakhe saaiyan maar sakey na koy (providence),” the source exclaimed.

Kumar had been suffering from depression, knowing which the department had given him a relatively less sensitive profile which, unfortunately, pushed himself into further due to the feeling of lack of self-importance, said a source, underscoring the need for reforms in the Indian Police Service. Arvind Kumar, IPS Manipur cadre 1992 batch, is in charge of law and order in the police department of Manipur. Official sources said that Kumar had joined the police department about four months ago. Earlier, he had been on deputation at the intelligence bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs.

Manipur Chief Secretary Dr J Suresh Babu, after visiting the injured officer, said that Kumar was responding well to the treatment. “Arvind Kumar is conscious, he is responding to whatever the doctors are asking him. He is very lucky to be alive with the nature of injury he sustained”, said Suresh Babu.

The chief secretary said that the ADGP would be moved to New Delhi for further once his condition became stable.

“Arvind kumar is a good police officer. He came back to Manipur after his long stint from Intelligence Bureau. It is a very unfortunate incident and we don’t know yet what could be the reason behind it”, added the chief secretary.

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