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Abdul Salam sexually exploited 4 Hindu girls for 15 years using aliases

Abdul Salam’s treachery laid exposed when his first wife Pinky happened to meet her husband’s second victim and apprised her with Salam’s truth


Police in Meerut have arrested a Muslim man named Abdul Salam for the entrapment of four girls over a period of 15 years by faking his identity as a Hindu. The suspect allegedly kept using different Hindu aliases to deceive the victims, then married and sexually exploited them.

Abdul Salam tried to convert his targets to Islam. Police initiated action against Abdul Salam after his first wife Pinky, along with another girl who had fallen into his trap, approached the police with complaints.

According to Dainik Jagran, the police Abdul Salam for cheating, rape, forced conversion and forgery. The police arrested the suspect and recovered many fake identity cards with Hindu names, which the accused had been using over the years to conceal his religious identity.

The police sent Abdul Salam to jail on 21 August and are now examining all the fake documents recovered from the accused. They have also been interrogating all the people who were in contact with him over the years.

Abdul Salam is a resident of Bulandshahr. He had gone to Meerut to earn a living. He started working as an electrician in the city. Abdul got his driving licence made in the name of Vicky Singh while his Aadhaar card bears the name “Anil Saini”.

The impostor’s first target was a woman named Pinky, a resident of Sadar, with whom the accused also has a son aged 15.

Abdul Salam then posed as Anil Saini to trap a girl who lived in Meerut’s Tandel Mohalla. He married this girl and established sexual relations with her also. Likewise, he lured other girls into marriage and sexual relationships. He also attempted to convert these girls into Islam.

Abdul Salam was caught off-guard when his first wife Pinky happened to meet her husband’s second victim and apprised her with Salam’s truth. The two, then, together went to the police station to file a complaint against the accused.

Pinky informed the police that Abdul Salam often lures women by using different Hindu names. He then sexually exploits them and forces them to convert to Islam. She said that the Muslim man had trapped two other girls named Roohi and Monica and tried to convert them to Islam. She said that the Tandel Mohalla victim and she were not the only victims.

This is one of the many cases under a subset of love jihad, classified as grooming jihad, which keeps surfacing in various parts of the country despite states coming out with strict laws to curb the menace.

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