Saturday 28 May 2022
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Abbasi clings to straw of ‘honey trap’

While Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi confessed to his contact with Isis, he said someone masquerading as a woman had waylaid him, as though that made him a lesser criminal

The excuse that he is insane is passé. Gorakhnath temple attack suspect Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi has claimed in police custody in Lucknow that his interactions with terrorists of Isis had begun by luring him into a honeytrap. The suspect says he was in contact with the Islamic terrorist organisation for financial help.

Abbasi has confessed to his contact with Isis. Amid investigation, Abbasi said that he was contacted by someone masquerading as a woman.

Abbasi told a team of Uttar Pradesh that the supposed woman enticed him to join Isis. The suspect admitted that he had sent a sum of Rs 40,000 to the account of the girl, who was luring him into the dreaded terrorist organisation.

The engineer-turned-terrorist, who is a classic case to demonstrate that modern education does not necessarily rid one of the hate ideology of Islam, told the investigators that the woman had promised to meet him in India. Abbasi said that the conversation started over email and he was preparing to join Isis.

Sources said that a part of his confession matched the details of his travel to Dubai. They said he was planning to go to Canada as well.

Reacting to the big revelation of the honeytrap in the case, former UP DGP Vikram Singh said,

It is no surprise that such moves were made by terror outfits. It was stupid from the accused’s side. It doesn’t condone what he has done.

The retired officer said that the investigation agencies would need to do probe further into the matter to expose the people behind this.

On 3 April, 30-year- IIT Bombay graduate Abbasi had tried to forcibly enter the premises of Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur. When the guards tried to stop him, he attacked them with a sickle, injuring two constables of the Provincial Armed Constabulary.

After being arrested, police seized the sickle and a knife from him. A joint team of the Special Task Force and the ATS is probing the case and trying to ascertain whether Abbasi had any links with any terrorist organisation.

Uttar Pradesh Chif Minister Yogi Adityanath, who is also the head priest of Gorakhnath Temple, has announced a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh for the two jawans and constable Anurag Rajput for foiling the attack. Following the Gorakhnath temple attack, security was beefed up at sensitive religious places in Uttar Pradesh including the Sri Janmasthan temple complex.

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