Saturday 21 May 2022
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AAP promoting land grabbers in Punjab?

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Jalandhar: Since the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) started the candidate selection process, it has been in the news for considering certain controversial people for nominations. Name of a -grabber, Saroop Singh Kadiana, has surfaced in this context. According to the reports published in different newspapers, AAP’s ticket aspirant from Phillaur assembly constituency, Saroop Singh Kadiana has been closely associated with the ruling Akali Dal and has been involved in selling public illegally. He is said to have built his own home on an illegally occupied public land in village Kadiana, tehsil Phillaur, district Jalandhar.

Kadiana auction stopped
Report in a local newspaper

Saroop Singh has admitted before the media that his house is built on public and that he does not have any ownership documents of the same although he claimed that he had initiated the legalization procedure a week ago. The Punjab Waqf Board head office in Chandigarh has, however, directed the local office to initiate a [pdf_attachment file=”2″ name=”legal action”] against the illegal occupants.

It is learnt that some party supporters have filed a [pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”formal complaint”] against Saroop Singh to the party — to no avail.

The AAP has yet to come on this controversial person. Party workers of the area wonder whether Arvind Kejriwal could not find somebody from the Phillaur assembly constituency with a clean image, given that the leaders in Delhi claim that a strong party organisation has been built in Punjab.

Phillaur is abuzz with rumours that money is playing a big role in the distribution of tickets in Punjab. The way the AAP is functioning in Punjab, they say, is no different from the way the Congress, BJP and Akali Dal manages their affairs.

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