Thursday 21 October 2021
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AAP MLA was not the target: A story of revenge


As the Aam Aadmi Party was celebrating their victory in the assembly elections, the convoy of newly elected MLA Naresh Yadav from Mehrauli was attacked while he and a few party workers were passing through the area late on Tuesday night. The attack killed an worker and Yadav’s acolyte Ashok Mann.

The MLA was riding in an open jeep with some of his followers while behind and in front of the jeep, party supporters and workers were throbbing at the beat of drums when suddenly a miscreant opened fire at the convoy. After several rounds were fired, the crowd dispersed helter-skelter.

Everyone wanted to know what happened. The attacker had fired at the jeep, which MLA Naresh Yadav and his supporters were riding on. The sound of gunfire had stopped. A man riding on the jeep with the MLA lay in a pool of blood. Another person was injured. After the attack, it was found that the victim, Mann, was indeed the target of the assailants. He was in the rear seat behind the MLA.

Mann’s body was riddled with five bullets. He was dead. The second injured person was in immense pain. Yadav, who had ducked to avoid the shot, panicked. The celebrations had turned into mourning.

The police on receiving the reached the spot near Kishangarh Chowk. The injured were rushed to the hospital.

MP Sanjay Singh immediately tweeted about the attack. This news spread like wildfire in the entire capital. It went viral on social media.

The police were puzzled as to who the attacker was and why he had attacked or who his real target was. Hours after the incident, Delhi Police arrested the suspect.

Sharing information on the matter, Delhi Police said that there was only one attacker. The attacker did not miss the target; Mann was indeed the targeted person. The attacker had fired eight rounds or more.

Mann was shot five times while another worker Harendra was shot twice. After the preliminary investigation, the police made it clear that the target of the attacker was not the MLA. The police explained the reason behind the attack.

Police have recovered seven bullet cases from the spot. Delhi Police registered a case of murder and against three people.

The police came to know of three people involved in a bloody conspiracy and registered a case against them.

MLA was not the target

The names of the accused are Kalu, Dhami and Dev. All of them are residents of the Kishangarh village. The deceased Mann was and the injured Harendra is a resident of Kishangarh village.

When the police questioned Kalu in custody, he confessed his crime. He admitted that he was involved in the attack. Accused Kalu disclosed that those people were not there to attack the MLA, but their target was Mann and his nephew Harendra. Kalu wanted to kill them both.

The plot unravelled. Kalu told the police that after reaching close to Mann, he pumped five bullets into the body of the latter. Harendra sustained two bullet injuries.

When the police asked Kalu why he had attacked Man and Harendra, he disclosed the reason for the attack. In November last year, Kalu’s nephew was shot in the leg. After the attack, the police had arrested four people. But Kalu suspected it was none other than Mann who attacked his nephew although Mann was not named in that FIR.

Out of this suspicion, Kalu decided to avenge the attack on his nephew. He targeted Mann on Tuesday night when he saw the worker and his nephew Harendra in the convoy with newly elected MLA Yadav.

The police are trying to recover the weapon of the attack, necessary for the legal case.

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