Thursday 28 October 2021
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AAP feud between TN conveners appointed by Somnath Bharti, Gopal Rai

While the party had launched itself nationwide, claiming it would change the way politics was practised in India, the letter for the organisation's internal consumption says 'there is no transparency in AAP Tamil Nadu'


The kind of teething problems that a new organisation generally faces still plagues the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) established in November 2012. Sirf News has accessed an internal communiqué from the Tamil Nadu unit of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that complains to the party’s national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal that two sets of leadership are working on cross purposes in the state.

N Chandrasekaran, who identifies himself as a member of the party from District Thanjavur, says “there are two people claiming to be the state convenors”, namely SAN Vasigaran, who is supposed to have been “appointed” by five years ago, and Sudha Ramalingam, supposedly appointed by Gopal Rai a few months ago.

“Both are doing the same job,” the letter claims.

Mentioning that there are 38 districts in Tamil Nadu state, the letter writer states that “there are two parallel teams working almost at every district”.

While the party had launched itself nationwide, claiming it would change the way politics was practiced (sic) in India, the letter writer writes, “There is no transparency in AAP Tamil Nadu state (sic).”

Chandrasekaran demands, “We would like to see the copies of appointment letters of both persons who are claiming to be the state conveners of Aam Aadmi Party of Tamil Nadu…”

The sender of the message claims further that “there is no state prabhari” either just as there is no observer deputed by the party for Tamil Nadu.

The email indicates that the party would try to open its account in the said state in the assembly election due next year. “The state assembly elections are due in May 2021,” the letter mentions as also the total assembly constituencies as 234 rightly.

Explaining the state of utter confusion, Chandrasekaran complains that both the Tamil Nadu conveners have been going about appointing district conveners, district secretaries, assembly constituency conveners, etc. And both the teams are claiming to be the official party representatives in Tamil Nadu.

Requesting all leaders of the party to “immediately attend to this issue since volunteers would like to contest in the assembly elections and have to make all arrangements well in time,” Chandrasekaran concludes, “If this issue is not sorted out… we the volunteers of AAP TN would be visiting New Delhi in large numbers to discuss (the issue) with the leaders mentioned above.” The letter has been copied to the AAP MP Lok Sabha Sangrur, AAP MLAs in Punjab, AAP MPs in the Rajya Sabha from New Delhi, AAP MLAs in Delhi, all 28 state conveners, all nine union territory conveners, all 734 district conveners, national spokespersons and state spokespersons of the party, the volunteers from all states, AAP social media teams of the respective states, the AAP legal department headquartered in New Delhi and the AAP national disciplinary action committee in the national capital.

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