Mumbai: ‘PadManChallenge’ is the new innovative way to promote upcoming film PadMan. Actor Aamir Khan took up the challenge and posted one of his rare tweets- a picture of himself holding a sanitary napkin. “Yes, that’s a pad in my hand and there’s nothing to be ashamed. Aamir tweeted- It’s natural, period”. He’s been tagged by his friend Twinkle Khanna in a ‘PadManchallenge’ to promote the new film she’s producing.

PadMan is based on the life of A Muruganantham, inventor of a low-cost way to make pads, who started the challenge off on Twitter by nominating Twinkle and the film’s cast: Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor. Aamir has tagged Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

PadMan is headlined by Akshay Kumar and directed by R Balki. The film is based on Mr Muruganantham’s life, who invented low-cost sanitary pad making machines and created menstrual hygiene in his village.Twinkle posted her own picture and passed the challenge on to Aamir, actress Shabana Azmi and industrialist Harsh Goenka.

Twinkle Khanna spoke about PadMan at the Oxford Union last month. In her speech, she mentioned about the taboos about menstruation and how meeting Arunachalam Murugunantham inspired her to make PadMan. “PadMan is not just a film, it’s a movement. I hope now a woman will not be held back or embarrassed by their biology.”
After its clash with Padmaavat on the 26 January weekend, the makers of PadMan pushed the release of their film to 9 February.