Saturday 28 May 2022
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A wedding without a bride in Gujarat

As and when Ajay attended a wedding, his desire to marry intensified. People inquired with his family; none thought it was possible to get him married

Himmatnagar: On Sunday in Himmatnagar of happened a strange wedding. There was no bride in it.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ajay Barot’s dream was to get married to a gala wedding ceremony as his cousin did recently, but because of his unsound mental condition, nobody approached him or his family with a match-making proposal.

But as and when Ajay attended others’ weddings, his desire to tie the knot intensified. Neighbours, friends, and acquaintances would sometimes inquire with the family, but none among his kin thought it was possible to get him married. After many attempts, when no relation could be fixed, the family decided to fulfill Ajay’s desire without the bride!

Mehndi and music ceremonies were held a day before the ‘marriage’. Close friends and relatives took part in it. The next day, Ajay sported a golden sherwani, pink turban and a garland of red and white roses. Ajay mounted the horse and the wedding procession went through the village. About 200 people attended this ceremony. Not only this, they danced on the beat of Gujarati music and dhol. The family arranged for a feast in a community building near the house. About 800 people attended it.

Son’s dream fulfilled without regard to society

Ajay’s father Vishnu Barot told the media, “My son was very curious about wedding rituals. He had lost his mother at a very young age. He learns things late. Looking at the weddings of others, he inquired why he couldn’t get married. We did not have an answer.”

“He wanted to enjoy his own wedding,” the father continued, but “it was not possible to find a match for him”.

In this situation, the father said, “the family decided to organise the ceremony. So that he feels that he is getting married and his dream is being fulfilled. I am very happy now that I have fulfilled my son’s dream — without caring about how society would react”.

The wedding was normal, just did not have a bride

Ajay’s uncle Kamlesh Barot said that his nephew was very fond of music. “Dancing makes his face glow,” the uncle said, adding, “He did not remember any wedding in the village. But after seeing my son’s marriage in February, Ajay insisted he should get married too. When my brother came up with this to fulfill his son’s wish, we all decided to support him.”

‘Not hurt by the absence of bride’

Ajay’s younger sister said, “We sent the wedding invitation to our relatives and performed all the rituals according to the Gujarati tradition solemnized by a priest.”

“My brother is fortunate,” the sister said, “that the family supported his wish. We are all happy for him. We are not hurt by the absence of a bride. We just wanted to see Ajay happy because he loves us so much.”

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