Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaSurat family brings out Ganapati-shaped diamond worth Rs 500 crore every Ganesh...

Surat family brings out Ganapati-shaped diamond worth Rs 500 crore every Ganesh Chaturthi

A diamond shaped like Ganapati is a big draw on Ganesh Chaturthi at Katargam in Surat every year. Valued at Rs 500 crore, the 27-carat diamond was found by the Pandav 16 years ago and is brought out for worship during the 10 days of the every year. This year, the idol-like diamond was the centre of attraction once again the day before yesterday.

According to the Surat family, they found the Ganesha idol while they were working for a diamond broker in Surat, also known to be the "diamond city" of the country. The family decided to keep it and never sold it.

After finding the rock all those years ago, the Surat family has brought it out on Ganesh Chaturthi every year and worshipped it. They got it tested by Diamonds of India, which found it to be naturally occurring. The family also has proof to establish that this is the only such diamond available. The family said the 27-carat diamond is valued at Rs 500 crore.

After the 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi are over, the family washes the diamond in milk and puts it back inside a locker. So, the diamond Ganesha will re-enter its shell on 10 September once again.

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