Thursday 27 January 2022
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83 likely to run into loss of crores

A chunk of Ranveer Singh’s fee for 83 is pending, which he may forgo to make up a part of the loss that producers, including his wife Deepika Padukone, made

The film made on the World Cup (Prudential Cup) cricket victory of India in 1983 has been a disaster at the box office. The film 83 did a business of Rs 6.50-7.50 crore on the fourth day (27 December), as per early trends. The box office total now stands at Rs 53.50-54.50 crore in India. For a normal film, this number could have been a fair total on a working day, but this Ranveer Singh starrer had a huge investment riding on its back.

The commercial performance of the Kabir Khan directorial — 83 — has shocked the film industry, said a film trade insider.

Producers, which include Deepika Padukone, of this lavish project have suffered huge losses too. The extravagant film now stands to lose an amount that runs into crores.

A source close to the producers said that the blame game will start soon. “The film looks and feels like a documentary on the 1983 World Cup. Some from the team had pointed this out while the film was being made. What was the need to shoot at the pricey Lords stadium in London when there are so many similarly vast cricket stadiums right here in India? But the naysayers were shut down by those from the film unit who were fully confident of getting the audience into theatres,” the industry insider said.

A large chunk of the fee of Ranveer Singh, who plays Kapil Dev in 83, is pending. And he may be compelled to write it off to counter at least some of the losses.

For Kabir Khan, the failure of 83 is a double setback after the poor response to his last directorial , which was a costly film too.

Hereafter, the prospect for making Rs 100 crore is looking bleaker as Shahid Kapoor‘s Jersey will take away a chunk of the audience from this Friday, thus ending the solo run.

Also, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Pushpa will continue to work in their centres or multiplexes and single screens respectively.

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