Saturday 21 May 2022
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Urban Development Ministry approves long-term investment plans

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New Delhi: Seeking to ensure timely implementation of basic urban infrastructure projects and achieve mission targets by 2019-20, the Ministry of Urban Development, in a paradigm shift has begun approving investments in water supply, sewerage networks etc., for the next three financial years under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT).

An inter-ministerial apex committee of AMRUT, chaired by  Rajiv Gauba, Secretary  (Urban Development) today approved investments of Rs.5,815 crore during 2017-20 in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar and Tripura.

Gauba said in the meeting that “Against the business as usual approach of approving action plans every year and that too towards the end of a financial year, the ministry decided to accord approvals under Atal Mission for the next three financial years so as to enable advance planning and timely execution, necessary to meet the mission targets by 2019-20. Release of central assistance will be linked to launch of all projects as approved for 2015-17.”

Apex Committee approved investment of Rs.2,279 crore for Gujarat, Rs.1,232 crore for Rajasthan, Rs.1,200 crore for Punjab, Rs.1,042 crore for Bihar and Rs.62 crore for Tripura for the next three financial years.The total central assistance approved for these five states is Rs.2,461 crore.

Before approving these investments, the committee reviewed progress of launch of projects under State Action Plans approved for the last and current financial years.

Rajiv Gauba further said that with these advance approvals, accountability for realizing mission objectives squarely rest with State and City Governments. He urged them to ensure implementation of reforms mandated under AMRUT.

Under AMRUT, providing water taps to all urban households is given top priority followed by improving sewerage networks and septage management, storm water drains, public transport . While developing, at least one park/green open space in each city every year is mandatory.

The committee also approved State Annual Action Plan of Arunachal Pradesh with an outlay of Rs.46.67 crore and of Sikkim with an outlay of Rs.13.33 crore for 2016-17. The annual action plans for the current financial year have been approved for all States and UTs except for Delhi whose proposals in prescribed form are still to be received.

With these approvals, total investment sanctioned  in water supply, sewerage and other components under AMRUT has gone up to Rs.51,505 crore, the committee said.

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