Thursday 20 January 2022
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6 AAP candidates file nominations in Delhi; Kejriwal does not accompany any

Pankaj Gupta, Dilip Pandey, Atishi, Raghav Chadha, Gugan Singh and Brijesh Goyal of AAP filed their nominations today following roadshows

New Delhi: Six candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) filed their nomination papers on Monday for Lok Sabha elections in Delhi.

AAP secretary Pankaj Gupta filed his papers for Chandni Chowk, Atishi from East Delhi, Gugan Singh from North-West Delhi, Raghav Chadha from South Delhi, Dilip Pandey from North-East Delhi and Brajesh Goyal from New Delhi filed their nominations.

Chadha had led a roadshow on Sunday against BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s “gunda raj” in South Delhi while five others held mega roadshows before filing their nomination papers this morning.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia accompanied Atishi while senior leader was with Pankaj Gupta. Singh was accompanied by Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh while senior leader Gopal Rai was seen with Pandey. Goyal has filed his nomination form in the presence of senior leader ND Gupta.

Nonetheless, the party’s national convenor Arvind Kejriwal did not accompany any candidate.

Gupta and Pandey used to be employees of a Ford Foundation-funded NGO called PCRF, which is headed by Kejriwal, before they entered active politics. There are several workers of the AAP who were previously employees of an NGO run by Sisodia called Kabir that was embroiled in quite a few controversies at the formative stage of the AAP.

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Know the AAP candidates

Here are the records of the AAP candidates as per the respective affidavits they have submitted to the Election Commission along with their nomination papers.

The party’s West Delhi candidate had filed his nomination on Thursday. For the first time, Atishi, who no longer uses her last name Marlena, is going to contest an election. She has declared movable assets worth more than Rs 1.20 crore. She has filed two affidavits.

In October 2018, Atishi dropped ‘Marlena’ from her name and attended a Kshatriya community event whose organisers referred to her as “Atishi Singh”. She denied subsequently that the move was aimed at wooing the caste named. Her communist father had, it was reported, added ‘Marlena’ to her name, making a portmanteau of (Karl) Marx and (Vladimir) Lenin.

Atishi, who has studied at the Oxford University in the UK, earned Rs 4,91,982 according to her income tax return of the previous year. Her husband’s name has not been disclosed in the papers, but his income has been reported as Rs 3,66,180. There is no criminal case against the candidate. They have no liability to be disposed of either.

AAP candidate from Chandni Chowk Pankaj Gupta (52) has declared movable assets worth Rs 20.43 crore. An engineer by training, Gupta has shown an income of Rs 25,85,860 in last year’s income tax return while his wife Vandana Gupta earned Rs 67,50,510 in the same period. There is no criminal case against them.

AAP candidate from North-East Delhi Dilip Pandey (38) has declared movable assets worth Rs 54.23 lakh. Pandey has stated his income as per last year’s income tax return as Rs 3,88,512. He has movable assets worth Rs 9,73,393 and fixed assets of Rs 44,50,000. A criminal case is pending against him.

The party’s candidate from North-West Delhi, Gugan Singh (70), has declared movable assets worth Rs 1.28 crore. Singh saw an annual income of Rs 3 lakh in last year’s income tax return. There is no criminal case against him. He has studied up to the eighth grade. He has no liability to fulfil.

Candidate Raghav Chadha (30) from South Delhi seat has declared movable assets worth more than Rs. 10 lakh. Chartered accountant Chadha from the profession has shown an income of Rs 2,19,320 in last year’s income tax return. They do not have any immovable property and there is no criminal case against them.

Brijesh Goyal (43), a candidate from New Delhi seat, declared movable assets worth 95.94 lakh rupees. He has shown his income at Rs 4,03,670 His wife’s income is Rs 3,05,680. There is no criminal case against him.

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