Saturday 21 May 2022
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NHAI improving toll plazas

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New Delhi: Taking a serious note of complaints of misbehaviour by the staff and lack of uniformity in operations of toll plazas, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has issued a code of conduct for toll plaza operators. NHAI contractors and concessionaires are mandatorily to comply with the policy guidelines and standards prescribed by the NHAI.

A uniform dress code has also been issued, to be used through the country for the staff manning toll plazas. The NHAI has also circulated a standardised format for display of toll rates/concessions/exemptions in the bill boards that are required to be mandatorily put up by concessionaires/ contractors for road users.

From now onwards, every member of the toll plaza staff will wear a navy blue uniform with adequate features for safety and easy identification. The concessionaires/contractors will ensure that the toll plaza personnel are given a minimum training of seven days to acquaint them with the dos and don’ts prescribed by the NHAI, behave with courtesy and help road users in case of any emergency. The personnel are to carry the of training to be produced for verification during surprise checks by the NHAI. Concessionaires and contractors must maintain a register of the plaza staff including details of their pre-job training.

The user fee (Toll) receipts will be issued in the standard prescribed template bearing details of the concessionaire/contractor, toll plaza location, helpline number, ambulance contact No, crane contact No. etc.

The NHAI has issued specific instructions for all toll plazas to be adequately illuminated, displaying standardized boards with the name of user fee collection contractor, name of toll plaza, user fee rates, etc. clearly visible from prescribed distance.

Chairman of the NHAI Raghav Chandra has directed strict compliance of these directives.

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