Thursday 30 June 2022
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EFC: No. 1 smart workspace provider for start-ups?

EFC to be the India�s No. 1 Smart work space providers for the next generation Startups. / ELDIL logoPune: In an attempt to strengthen the link between entrepreneur and industry, Entrepreneur Facilitation Centers (EFC) plans to infuse more funds to establish 50 entrepreneur facilitation centers across the nation. Taking a lead as economic infrastructure provider ELDIL (EFC Land Development and Infrastructure Limited), has started a campaign to scale up these facilitation centers on 50 other locations inIndia’s startup hubs like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, , Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

The company believes the best way to protect the future is to create it. The facilitation centres, however, work on the reverse model. explained Umeash Sahhaaii, founder of ELDIL India from his Pune headquarters:

“The youth comes up with ideas or a product to whom we provide a platform in the form of infrastructural and service level assistance and other back-end support to convert that idea into a product.”

It is a known fact that various VC and Angel investors from India and abroad are actively investing in Indian startups. Over $3.84 billion was pumped into the ecosystem in the third quarter of 2015. However, ELDIL has been observing that despite having good investments, many startups struggle to survive the competition and are eventually forced to shut down their business due to various internal and external factors in which initial infrastructure set-up is a major cause.

The most important problem faced by an Indian startup is the cost, lack of facilities for day-to-day operations and maintenance of location from where it has been launched. India is a place of varied cultures and taste, thus every product might not be welcomed equally by every region. A survey found out that most of the failed startups attribute their failure to the lack of operating funds, as initial capital has been consumed in the initial set up itself.

EFC will support entrepreneurs across the nation with comprehensive infrastructural, commercial, technical and legal assistance to help them start up businesses that apply space technology to non-space industrial, scientific and commercial fields. It says it will continue in its mission to provide an affordable platform to startups to convert them into viable businesses and create new and more jobs by providing support to more than 200 startup companies, which have received support till date.

EFC Land Development and Infrastructure Limited (ELDIL) has been incorporated with a vision of creating an affordable infrastructure in different verticals like business centres, serviced hotels and hospitals. The company’s success is always been grounded in one – a vision of creating landmarks and the company remains committed to developing the best places for its client and users. ELDIL has commercial real estate platforms with holdings in strategic markets across India. ELDIL has grown into one of the country’s leading real estate firms. The company promotes progressive growth through a strong corporate culture and retain the best heads with strong team values. Advising clients ranging from individual private investors, clients and home owners to major developers and investors, ELDIL puts teamwork, innovation and passion for property at the heart of everything, striving to go the extra mile to exceed the clients’ expectations.

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