5 reasons why woman who accused CJI of sexual harassment walked out of probe

In short, the complainant does not have faith in the institution of the Supreme Court in-house committee to deliver her justice. Here's how she elaborated on it


New Delhi: Former Supreme Court employee who accused against Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment has refused to appear before Justice Bobde-led internal inquiry committee (In-House Committee) of the Supreme Court, citing lack of trust in the institution to get her justice.

The complainant woman has alleged that she has not been allowed to take along with her lawyer while facing the House Committee and that she is feeling nervous before the honourable judges of the Supreme Court without the lawyer and assistant.

The woman has issued a press release in this regard, in which she said that she was not expected to get justice from this committee, so she would not take part in the proceedings.

The in-house committee of the Supreme Court to investigate the allegations against the Chief Justice of India, comprised, besides Justice Bobde, Justice Indira Banerjee and Justice Indu Malhotra.

The complainant said the woman had requested an external committee to investigate the matter, even though she had joined the probe of the committee on 26 and 29 April.

The complainant has cited three reasons for not being present in front of the committee. Or five.

One, during the hearing, she did not get the permission to take along the lawyer or the assistant staff to the committee hearing; in their absence, she became nervous and afraid.

Two, the committee’s hearing is not being shot on camera or even audio recorded.

Three, a copy of her statement given on 26 and 29 April has not been given to her. She has not been informed about how the committee would work.

Four, when the committee asked her about presenting some witnesses, the complainant said not all witnesses are working independently in the Supreme Court.

Five, in her press release, the complainant also claimed that after the hearing on 26 and 29 April, some bikers followed her and now she is scared for her life.