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3rd India-Germany meeting on infrastructure


New Delhi: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distributions hosted the third meeting of the Indo-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure in the capital yesterday and today. The working group has been established based on the declaration signed between the said ministry and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (now Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) of the Federal Republic of Germany in April 2013 for cooperation in standardization, conformity assessment and product safety.

The delegates from the Indian and German sides comprised members from the concerned ministries, national standards bodies and representatives from trade associations. During the meeting, the secretary for consumer affairs highlighted the objectives of advancing bilateral economic and technical cooperation in order to facilitate bilateral trade. He further emphasised the significance of cooperation with Germany on standardisation to promote coordinated activities to facilitate bilateral trade focusing on products of trade interest to India such as leather, toys & textile. He also impressed the importance of the initiative in achieving the objectives of the Make in India, Digital India and Swacch Bharat Campaign.

The session on inputs for 2016 on the work plan for implementation was chaired by director general of BIS Alka Panda. She highlighted the recent initiatives and developmental changes brought in the country on smart cities, smart and micro-Grid, Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC), solid waste management for collaboration in these areas. She also highlighted the need to address the concerns of Indian exporters by organizing workshops and awareness programmes for compliance on EU regulations and REACH regulations.

The Indo-German delegations discussed extensively the possible areas of cooperation and signed a work plan for implementation by both sides. It outlines various activities for the next years’ cooperation which include, amongst others, cooperation on solid waste management, standards on smart grids/ micro grid, LVDC, safety, leather & leather products, air and water quality, product safety and toy safety, legal metrology and laboratory testing facilities.

From the Indian side, the meeting was chaired by C Viswanath, secretary of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and Public Distribution, GoI, and co-chaired by Ministerialdirigent Stefan Schnorr, Directorate-General VI Digital and Innovation Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

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