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85% Indians trust government but 55% prefer autocracy:Pew Survey


Washington:While 85 % of Indian citizens trusttheir government, a majority of Indians also support military rule and autocracy, a latest Pew surveysaid on Tuesday.India  has strong democratic credentials since the independence but according to Pew survey,a majority (55 per cent) of its people support autocracy in one way or the other. And,27% of them want a strong leader.

“In India, where the economy has grown on average by 6.9 per cent since 2012, 85 per cent (of people) trusttheir national government,” Pew Research said in a report. The report is  based on its survey on and trustamong important countries across the world.

According to the survey, roughly half of both Indians (53 per cent) and South Africans (52 per cent), say the military rule would be a good thing for their countries despite having strong democratic traditions.


Indiais one of the three countries in the Asia Pacific region where technocrats find support.

“Asian-Pacific publics generally back rule by experts, particularly people in Vietnam (67 per cent), India(65 per cent) and the Philippines (62 per cent),” Pew said.

A global median of 26 per cent prefer a system in which a strong leader can make decisions without interference from parliamentor the courts. Roughly 71 per cent say it would be a bad type of governance.

 48% of Russians back by a strong leader, but Only one in 10 in Europe back military rule.

Pew reported that more than half in each of the 38 nations polled accept representative democracy a very or somewhat good way to govern their country.

As per Pew survey, Pro-democracyattitudes coexist in every countries, to varying degrees, with openness to non-democratic forms of governance.

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