Washington: The US said today it wants to “increase societal tolerance” and reduce “religiously- motivated violence” and discrimination in India with the nearly USD 500,000 grant to NGOs in the country.

The State Department had yesterday announced the grant for organisations which can come up with ideas and projects to promote religious freedom in India.

The State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, in a notice, had said that it seeks to “reduce religiously-motivated violence and discrimination in India” through its USD 4,93,827 grant programme.

“The goal of the programme is to increase societal tolerance and improve civilian security to reduce religiously-motivated violence and discrimination, and the funds will support activities that work toward that end,” a State Department spokesperson said.

Among other things, the State Department wants the organisations, applying for the grant, to come up with proposals to develop and implement early warning systems to mitigate large-scale violence and implement conflict mitigation programmes between minority and majority groups, the spokesperson said.

He said an applicant also needs to ideate successful programme activities to counter hateful or discriminatory public messages with positive messages using all kinds of media.