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Inaugurated on 14 January 2014, this news and views portal is the result of realisation by a group of journalists led by Surajit Dasgupta who had observed for several years that public displeasure with existing choices in the mainstream media was immense; yet, the alternatives that some enterprising members of society had come up with did nothing more than dance to the tunes of the elite among scribes by reacting to the reports, articles and tweets of the latter throughout the day. We realised that journalists alone could challenge the kind of journalism that did not serve any public interest or that did not speak a language the people at large could relate to. For one, a media house needed a posse of reporters who could penetrate government and corporate offices to dig out facts that the people must know but which were not available in the answers to applications under the Right to Information Act.

Our second concern was accuracy. We wished to develop this source of news into one whose reports experts in the respective walks of life cannot dismiss as hearsay, propaganda or fiction. Our sections on academic subjects — or academic aspects in regular reports — should be cross-examined against peer-reviewed publications in relevant and related fields, we thought.

Finally, even though the portal would be devoted largely to information, there ought to be a section for opinions comprising editorials, articles and interactions with the reader. We wanted our editorials to uphold the ideals of individual liberty, free market and patriotism. Our columnists might, we reckoned, follow the same line, albeit with minor degrees of difference in the prescriptions for implementation of these ideas, besides covering issues of society, art and leisurely activities.

We then planned an interactive section to answer the reader’s legal, tax and astrological queries on specific issues he or she faces in real life — one issue at a time. With all these plans in place, we shall soon offer subscribers of news and opinions an alternative to what is generally referred to as the mainstream media.


Surajit Dasgupta

News Editor

Rajarshi Nandy

Commissioning Editor

PR Rajeswari

Contributing Editor

Sagnik Chakraborty